Pa fatigue twa, to legim pe vini la!

About us

What we do

We plant and grow diverse vegetables in fertile lands with connoisseur art of cultivation and water facilities which use as little fertilisers as possible.

Essentially, the colourful, succulent and good quality vegetables are cleaned(washed) with running water, pre-cut and packed in sustainable packaging before delivery. Then, all the items are segregated in biodegradable bags supplied by


Payment can be easily effected through online payment (master-card, visa), POS or simply by cash on delivery.


Furthermore, offers free home delivery for purchases costing above MUR 450 in Flacq and Curepipe regions for the time being. If purchases are less than MUR 450, a payment of MUR 150 will be charged for the bags and the transport.

Normal delivery day is Saturday.

Except on special occasions where a transport fee will be charged normally.

Note: Other regions will soon be added to our delivery route.


Upon unsatisfaction of the products delivered, the client is fully refunded.
Cash refund is made on spot, otherwise online payment will be refund within one week.

How you benefit

  • Fresh, good quality vegetable.
  • Quick and easy to order from your phone or computer.
  • Relatively cheaper than local market prices.
  • Good choices can be made online with variety of options available.
  • Time-saver with no hassle of driving to the market and the burden of finding a parking.
  • Lesser pollution to the environment.
  • Delivery in biodegradable basket.
  • The shopping can be made at anytime and anyplace.
  • Delivery at your doorstep eliminating the need of carrying heavy baskets.
  • Pre-cut vegetables that can be consumed as salads as they safely wrapped and well preserved.

More About us is owned by Mr VEERAMAH Vikram.

With the family’s long-time expertise and experience in growing vegetables, you can rest assured that at we use the thoughtful skills and technologies to grow our vegetables in the best conditions for our consumers. Also, with the help of specialised equipment, transports and storage facility, we can produce fresher and good quality vegetables efficiently and in large scale.