Pa fatigue twa, to legim pe vini la!

Buying your vegetables using the website

How to proceed?

Step 1

Our website has been designed for a fluid customer experience. Users can start shopping right now, without the need to go through complicated steps.

Varieties of vegetables are available on our website.


Step 2

Select the products you want to buy. It is just simple as that. Vegetables are sold in 3 ways: 

  • in kg (potatoes, tomatoes..)
  • in pieces (lettuces, cucumber...)
  • per pack (watercress, other leafly...)

Note: For vegetables selling in kg, the minimum quantity is 500 grams (0.5 kg)

Step 3

Once you have completed your shopping, Click on 'Proceed to Checkout' button as shown below. The number of items you bought will be displayed just above the mentioned button. Delivery is free above an order of Rs. 450

Step 4

In this section, the user will have 2 options: either to continue shopping as guest or he may or to create an account at the same time, which will be more easy for the next shopping time. Existing client may sign in also in this step simply by clicking on the "Sign in" link which is found next to "Order as a guest".


Once all fields has been correctly filled, user can click on "Continue" button to proceed to the next step.

Step 5

If the user chose the option to create an account at the same time when he is confirming his shopping, his name will appear at the top of the page as shown below. 

If the user does not want to create an account at this stage, he can still proceed to checkout as guest.

Step 6

On this stage, user must provide important details like phone number, delivery address, etc. Client must ensure that all informations are correctly given. Afterwards click on "Continue" button.


Step 7

The confirmation process is nearly over. User will be asked about the delivery date. Click on 'Continue' button.

Step 8

This is the last step for the confirmation process. Simply click on 'Pay by cash on delivery' and tick to the terms and conditions box as shown below.

Click on "Order with an Obligation to Pay" button.

Congratulation for your first shopping experience on our website! An email has been sent mailbox for this purchase.

User can the option to print his invoice.